At Unit Entitlement Valuation Services we understand that time is money, and when your project is nearing completion, we can provide an accurate and fully completed Unit Entitlement Schedule in as little as 24 hours.
This is the last step before you can register the Strata Plan and secure your occupancy certificate, so our team can work around the clock if necessary to ensure your development is ready to settle.
With over twenty years’ property valuation experience, Gareth Woodham, the founder of UEVS, has more than an extensive knowledge of property, he understands the commercial reality of property development projects, large and small and that the gearing is highest at the completion of construction right before buyers are issued with their settlement advice.
As fully qualified Certified Practising Valuers, UEVS are also able to provide consulting and Expert Witness services for amendments to Strata Plans for modification of lot and common areas, reallocation of Unit Entitlement and acquisition of Common Areas and Air Space.
Following amendments to the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, UEVS has completed Unit Entitlement Valuations and Form 3.07 Administration Sheets for all property types including:
· Strata Titled duplex
· Townhouses
· Residential home units
· Mixed Use Commercial/Residential developments
· Industrial Strata and Stratum subdivision
· Commercial Strata subdivision
· Company Title Strata conversion
· Common Area Acquisition
· Car parking space reallocation
We work with Property Developers, Strata Certifiers, Surveyors and individual lot owners to deliver a fully compliant and accurate Unit Entitlement valuation, and always with a fixed price quote.